What are we really after?



The question crosses my mind often. "What are we all really wanting? What is all this endless searching for? What are we really after?" 

I have spent 20 years standing with women in front of mirrors, adorning them, wrapping them up with clothing that I had hoped would enrich their lives in ways unseen. I believe it did. I believe there have been some incredible moments that opened women's hearts to their beauty, to their light, to their worth. 

So, what are we truly seeking when we want a new outfit? A new look? A new vibration? It seems to me, after much of my own searching and helping women on their journeys, that we are all looking for true, unconditional, self love. 

We want the woman in the mirror to look back at us and whisper to us of our value. As we stare at ourselves, we want to catch a glimpse of the woman we hope to become. Clothing is a means to an end... the end is the full embodiment of ourselves, within our earthly flesh, in the sacred space of unconditional love. THIS is what matters. THIS is what clothing can be for. THIS is of utmost importance. The outfit isn't you... but it can help you imagine all you have inside you. The garments don't define you, but they can support you creating a new vision of yourself. And THIS is why I am offering more than just a clothing line. I'm offering my therapeutic support on your journey, to all who feel called to dive more deeply into who they truly are here to be. 

If a journey inward, into listening for your truth, redefining your value, and discovering your unique gifts and beauty that will never fade interests you, please send me an email to: hello@sacredsister.co to get more information and to schedule your free forty-five minute discovery call. May each one of you see the beauty and the light of your magic every time you look in that mirror. 

I see it in you. It's time to see it in yourself.

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