Heart On My Sleeve, HOMS, formerly known as Blanka the Label, is the newest collection from owner and designer Jennie Stierwalt. This new expression reflects the transformation she underwent during challenging times over the last two years of a pandemic that radically changed her life. 

HOMS is built to last. Durable, sustainable, earthy, and all natural, Heart On My Sleeve is made for the woman seeking balance, harmony, and empowerment of herself and others in the world. From every day pants, to customizable jackets, there is sure to be something for everyone. 

The line is made in downtown L.A. by family owned and operated businesses. Not only does it support local artisans, it's also committed to donating 10% of every penny to guiding and supporting young women find their passion and get into the schools and programs that best match their dreams. 

Alongside HOMS, Stierwalt's newest endeavor and highest calling, Sacred Sister, is a way she can come alongside her clients in a whole new way. Sacred Sister is a mentorship program where Stierwalt comes alongside you and supports you in clarifying your vision, discovering the real you, and guiding you in actionable steps to achieve your true calling and the embodiment of sacred self. The program is crafted uniquely to you, and your needs. She is trained in Human Design, Western Astrology, Gene Keys, Masayeoq Shamanism and Reiki. She is a master of somatic movement and dance therapy, and utilizes mantra, affirmations, inner child work, conscious re-parenting, and meditation in her therapies. 

Her greatest desire is to see you, her customers and clients, fall in love with themselves, find the courage to live as themselves, and the joy in the journey of that becoming. Her highest wish is that her clothing, and products elevate your experience of yourself and add beauty to your life. She wishes that her coaching and mentorship offerings help you become the next best version of yourself, heal your wounds, and give you powerful tools for self healing so that you can be the joyful, satisfied, and whole person you are.