Blanka the Label (BTL) is Fashion Designer, Jennie Stierwalt’s new elevated, contemporary women’s fashion collection. It debuted in Blanka Boutique September 2016 and has been gaining a loyal following ever since. It’s first collection piece, the BTL Wrap Dress #1, is the foundation to the brand. The fashion collection is influenced by Jennie’s desire to see women dress like ladies again -- in dresses, flirty basics, and silhouette flattering styles. The brand feels a bit 1950’s, retro, yet classy, and sexy all at the same time.

BTL now includes 30 styles and is continuing to expand into a fully comprehensive collection. The apparel is handmade in downtown Los Angeles in eco conscious factories by well cared for craftspeople.

Blanka the LABEL is now available online at as well as in Blanka Boutique, 1266 Coast Village Road, Montecito CA 93108. Call us for more information (805) 869-1811.